Our Mission


Our mission is to compassionately come alongside individuals to provide quality Professional Counseling that fosters healing, wholeness and restoration.

We believe the overall goal for the individual and family is to LIVE WELL.

LivingWell Counseling Associates are committed to our clients and meeting them at their point and place of need.  We strive for excellence with all that we do and believe our value as humans is based on who we are.

We believe journeying through seasons of life with our clients is an honor and priviledge.  It is our greatest desire to serve God and others with compassion, bringing hope to those in need. 

“Don’t just let life happen, change your life and LIVE WELL!”

Recent Posts

I Feel Stuck

It’s disappointing when what we pictured our life to look like at a certain time doesn’t match our experience. We have all been there at one point or another. That season of life that feels like we’re trudging through the mud. ... Read More

"I can't imagine our communication would be nearly this good if my husband was still withholding the full truth from me. And I don't think he would ever have made a full disclosure without the polygraph."


"The disclosure was clearly the single most important thing I have ever done in my life. I have never EVER been so honest with anyone in my entire life... including myself. When you are forced to lay out a lifetime of poor choices and bad behavior in one afternoon in front of a person you love so much that you're even willing to do such a thing, it was nerve-wracking. And although it caused as great deal of pain and anguish for me to say and her to hear, it also was clearly the only way to break through in order to allow for any restoration to ever take place."