Counseling Specialties

Counseling Specialties

Our LivingWell counseling staff offers services to both males and females of all age groups including children, adolescents and adults. We work with individuals, couples, families and groups based on your area of need.

We offer many types of Counseling Specialties which include, but are not limited to the following:

• Spirituality and Growth

• Depression

• Anxiety

• Grief and Loss

• Addiction Recovery

• Problematic Sexual Behavior

• Porn/Sex Addiction

• Sex Addiction Induced Trauma

• Abuse Healing

• Women’s Issues

• Men’s Issues

• Trauma Therapy

• Anger Management

• Life Stress

• Mindfulness/Relaxation

• EMDR Trauma Therapy

• Soul Healing Marriage Therapy

• Theophostic Prayer

• DNMS Therapy (for childhood wounds)

• Emotionally Focused Therapy

• Internal Family Systems Therapy

• Gottman Method Therapy

• Play Therapy

• Sand Tray Therapy

• Tapping/Bilateral Stimulation

Assessments Offered:

• Prepare-Enrich Marriage Assessment

• SII-Strong Interest Inventory

• SDI-Sexual Dependency Inventory

• PTSI-Post-Traumatic Stress Inventory

• MAWASI-Money and Work Adaptive Styles Index

• PSS-Partner Sexuality Survey

• SAST-Sexual Addiction Screening Test

• Spiritual Gifts Inventory



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"It was a safe environment for me to move through some very painful experiences and feelings."

— Individual Counseling Client