Why Can't They Just Get Over It!

Many sex addicts have spoken these words hoping to move their partner beyond their betrayal. They want to turn the page, start fresh, and turn over a new leaf...


Need Treatment for Trauma and Addiction? 



There are advantages and drawback both of out-of-pocket private payment and to using insurance and medicaid.  Obviously, the biggest drawback of out-of-pocket...


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We offer professional counseling specific to your individual needs. Life is full of ups and downs, and we would like to help you Live Well through the joy and pain of of your circumstance.

Our vision at Living Well Counseling Associates is to help equip all individuals, couples and families with life-enhancing and relationship-enhancing tools that will empower clients with the skills needed to realize their dreams and ambitions. We believe each person is gifted with a unique set of gifts and talents. It is our commitment to partner with clients in the employment of counseling to help all grow (both personally and professionally) by recognizing who they are and what they are responsible for in their lives, families, organizations, communities and world.

We understand that choosing a counselor is an important decision. It is important to us that you are well-informed and comfortable with that choice and that the counselor you choose is educated and experienced in the specific area of your need.

Please explore our website to learn more about the services offered at Living Well. You play an active role in your counseling journey. You have the capability to make changes and experience growth in your personal life. The professionals at Living Well desire to partner with you to see you live to your full potential and to experience peace with yourself and satisfaction with your life.

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"I can't imagine our communication would be nearly this good if my husband was still withholding the full truth from me. And I don't think he would ever have made a full disclosure without the polygraph."